What is airbrush make-up?

Airbrush make-up provides a way of depositing base onto the face through a conical(cone shaped) spray pattern of thousands of tiny dots or “pixels” at a very low pressure that gently overlaps on the skin, and from a distance the eye perceives it as a smoother, natural looking complexion.

Some skin discolorations and imperfections, scars, and puffiness are visually blended out more successfully under airbrush makeup. These tiny “pixels” of base on the skin reflects light and creates a smoother and natural looking appearance.

Airbrush makeup works brilliantly for HD(High definition) and Digital technology, and helps fill the need for makeup that compliments the skin tone instead of creating unwanted texture by sitting on top of it.

What is HD(High definition)?
HDTV images are patently brighter, sharper, cleaner and more life like than those of present video systems because of the increased pixilation in the image. Therefore, HD is the highest quality digital format available over the present standard television, which has been in existence for over 60 years.

How does this affect makeup in HD format?
The increased pixilated image is so clear that you see down to the pores of skin, including blemishes and wrinkles. It is exceptionally authentic in that a person’s true quality of skin, hair, bone structure and features are on sharp display. HDTV can provide images nearly 5-10 times sharper than standard television sets.


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